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Author Ronald Simons discusses his article, "Social Environment, Genes, and Aggression: Evidence Supporting the Differential Susceptibility Perspective."

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Author Jessica McCrory Calarco discusses her article, "'I Need Help!' Social Class and Children's Help-Seeking in Elementary School."

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Author Lyn Craig discusses her article, "How Mothers and Fathers Share Childcare: A Cross-National Time-Use Comparison."

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Authors Jenny Trinitapoli and Sara Yeatman discusses their article, "Uncertainty and Fertility in a Generalized AIDS Epidemic."

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Author Roberto G. Gonzales discusses his study regarding the transition from childhood to adulthood among undocumented American youth.

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Author Veronica Terriquez discusses the relationship between union activity and civic engagement amongst Los Angeles Latino immigrants.

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Author Amy Bailey discusses her study regarding lynch victims, recently published in American Sociological Review.

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We discuss the implications of these patterns for processes of neighborhood change and broader patterns of residential segregation.

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