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Authors Phyllis Rippeyoung and Mary Noonan discuss their American Sociological Review article, "Is Breastfeeding Truly Cost Free? Income Consequences of Breastfeeding for Women."

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Authors Elizabeth Ransom and Carmen Bain discuss their Gender &Society article, "Gendering Agricultural Aid: An Analysis of Whether International Development Assistance Targets Women and Gender."

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Author Alesha Durfee discusses her Gender & Society article, "“I'm Not a Victim, She's an Abuser”: Masculinity, Victimization, and Protection Orders."

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Authors Laura Hamilton, Claudia Geist and Brian Powell discuss their article, "Marital Name Change as a Window into Gender Attitudes."

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Danielle Currier discusses her recent book review, along with her forthcoming work in Gender &Society.

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Author Loubna Hanna discusses her article, "Constructing Arab Female Leadership Lessons from the Moroccan Media."

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Author Eric Anderson discusses his article, "Updating the Outcome: Gay Athlete, Straight Teams, and Coming Out in Educationally Based Sports."

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Author Julie Fennell discusses her article, "Men Bring Condoms, Women Take Pills: Men's and Women's Roles in Contraceptive Decision Making."

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