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Author Elizabeth Armstrong discusses her article, "Accounting for Women's Orgasm and Sexual Enjoyment in College Hookups and Relationships."

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Chris Rhomberg discusses the Detroit Newspaper Strike of the late 1990s.

Author David Merolla discusses his article, "Structural Precursors to Identity Processes: The Role of Proximate Social Structures."

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Author Nahla al Huraibi discusses her article, "Second-Generation Yemeni American Women at the Turn of the Century: Between Individual Aspirations and Communal Commitments."

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Author Joel Stillerman discusses his article, "Transposing the Urban to the Mall: Routes, Relationships, and Resistance in Two Santiago, Chile, Shopping Centers."

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Author Lincoln Quillian discusses his article, "Segregation and Poverty Concentration: The Role of Three Segregations."

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Author Staci Newmahr discusses her article, "Chaos, Order, and Collaboration: Toward a Feminist Conceptualization of Edgework."

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Author Erin York Cornwell discusses her article, "Social Network Resources and Management of Hypertension."

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Authors Kathleen Oberlin and Amy Irby-Shasanmi discuss their article, "Teaching with Movement: Using the Health Privilege Activity to Physically Demonstrate Disparities in Society."

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