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Author Kathleen McKinney discusses her article, "A Multi-institutional Study of Students' Perceptions and Experiences in the Research-based Capstone Course in Sociology."

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Author Jennifer Van Hook discusses her article, "Competitive Food Sales in Schools and Childhood Obesity: A Longitudinal Study."

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Author Ed Munoz discusses his article, Assessment of Student Learning: Estudios Chicana/o Cultivating Critical Cultural Thinking.

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Author Miriam Boeri discusses her article, A Contextual Comparison of Risk Behaviors among Older Adult Drug Users and Harm Reduction in Suburban Versus Inner-city Social Environments.

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Author Adam Love discusses his article, Equity or Essentialism? U.S. Courts and the Legitimation of Girls' Teams in High School Sport.

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Author Jason Eastman discusses his article, Rebel Manhood: The Hegemonic Masculinity of the Southern Rock Music Revival

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Author Joscha Legewie discusses his article, "School Context and the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement."

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Author Mary Erdmans discusses her article, "Title IX and the School Experiences of Pregnant and Mothering Students"

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Author Michael Gibbons discusses his article, "Community-based Research on the Effects of the Financial Crisis on Community Service Organizations in Adams County, PA"

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Author Ravi Perry discusses his article, "The Politics of Applied Black Studies: An Historical Synthesis for Understanding Social Science Impact."

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Authors Dr. Lora Lempert and Laura Freeman discuss their article, "What Is It that these People Want? Are We Part of Some Kind of Experiment?": Mentoring in a Women's Prison.

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Author Corey Dolgon discusses his article, "Civic Engagement and Public Sociology: Two "Movements" in Search of a Mission"

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